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ASTM A194-2H

Quenched & tempered carbon steel heavy hex nuts

The ASTM A194 specification covers carbon, alloy and stainless steel nuts intended for use in high-pressure and/or high-temperature service. Unless otherwise specified, the American National Standard Heavy Hex Series (ANSI B 18.2.2) shall be used.

Nuts up to and including 1 inch nominal size shall be UNC Series Class 2B fit. Nuts over 1 inch nominal size shall be either UNC Series Class 2B fit or 8 UN Series Class 2B fit. High strength ASTM A194-2H nuts are common in the marketplace and are often substituted for ASTM A563-DH nuts due to the limited availability of DH nuts in certain diameters and finishes.

Boulons Plus offer these nuts in plain steel, mechanically galvanized, hot dip galvanized (dyed and lubricated) and Weathering Steel (Type 3) finishes.