ASTM F436 Bevel Washers

Hardened Steel Washers

Beveled washers are square or rectangular, in nominal sizes 1/2 through 1 1/2 in., with a beveled 1 to 6 ratio surface for use with American standard beams and channels.

This specification covers the chemical, mechanical, and dimensional requirements for hardened steel washers for use with fasteners having nominal thread diameters of 1/4 through 4 inches. These washers are intended for general-purpose mechanical and structural use with bolts, nuts, studs, and other internally and externally threaded fasteners.

The types of washers covered here are: Type 1—washers made of carbon steel; and Type 3—washers made of weathering steel. Moreover, the styles of washers covered here are: circular washers, which are suitable for applications where sufficient space exists. Steels to be used to manufacture the washers shall be produced by the open-hearth, basic-oxygen, or electric-furnace process. Each type and style of washer shall be suitably sampled, and should conform to specified values of chemical composition, Rockwell hardness, inside and outside diameter, thickness, and clipped width.

Precision Bolts offer these washers in plain steel, hot dip galvanized and Weathering Steel (Type 3) finishes.