ASTM A193-B7

Alloy Steel Quenched & Tempered Threaded Rods (AISI 4140/4142)

The ASTM A193-B7 (Grade B7), is the specification for a heat-treated chrome-moly steel used for medium high temperature service. Rods that meet this specification are either made from AISI 4140 or 4142.

Diameter range from 1/4" up through 2 1/2", they must meet minimum yield strength of 105 KSI, and minimum tensile strength of 125 KSI.

Threaded Rod


Precision Bolts offer these rods in 144'' (12 feet) lenghts. We are also able to cut them at your desired lenght (Request a quote to get a price on custom cuts as pricing may differ with the desired quantities).

We supply these items in bare steel, zinc coating and hod dip galvanized (HDG). Other coating could be available uppon request.