Our Philosophy

Since 1993, Boulons Plus & Precision Bolts has been responsible for manufacturing and distributing bolts, screws, nuts and anchors for the industrial and construction markets. We work with our customers to build trust and to provide supply and logistics services that meet the highest standards in the industry. 

Our progression must be an endless step to ensure a performance and leadership attitude. The passion for improving our skills is essential. Skills, techniques, processes, knowledge and motivations are the basis of our skills. The improvement of these, is the essential element in the growth of the company, its team and its business partners.

– One of the riches of the human specie, is to continue to improve his skills.
Franck Nicolas, Leadership Development Coach

Our presentation and our behaviors are essential elements of persuasion and affirmation. Our professional image speaks of us to the point of increasing our credibility with team members and our business partners. Respect, rigor, tenacity, cleanliness and discipline galvanize our actions.

– Procrastination, I have no time to lose with that.
Maxime Cousineau, Boulons Plus President

Achieving optimal, high-performing results requires interacting together; a group of individuals who are united and supportive of one another face great challenges; we need the support of all members to achieve our goals; Communication between the team members is an essential anchor to the development and accomplishment of the team.

– Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
Henry Ford

Profits drive growth and sustainability. Our vision can not be achieved without an honest, respectable and constant source of profits. Our actions, behaviors, attitudes and business partners have a direct impact on profits.

– Our business partners are essential. We must listen and be responsive to their needs and expectations As they help us build our reputation for excellence and performance. Do you have any questions for my answers?
Jack Canfield, author

We have to adjust to all the circumstances around us, external events are opportunities to grow in our personal and corporate development, we need to develop our ability to adapt to different situations and to adjust our behavior in Depending on the characteristics of the environment, the issues and the situations facing us.

– Life is what happens to you when you’re making other plans.
Betty Talmadge, female politician USA