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Precision Bolts is working with the best carriers around the globe to make sure your orders will be on site on time.
Carriers are chosen upon your delivery location and order’s weight to make sure you will get the best and fastest service possible. Shipping can be done by ground, air & seas.

Here’s at Precision Bolts, we want you to have the best services from A to Z, period! If your transaction did not meet your expectation from A to Z, feel free to give us feedback on it. This is how we can improve ourselves to better serve you next time.

We aim at giving you the best services and help. For us it come prior to selling bolts. We are a company of services. Everyone can sell bolts but no one can give you the quality and peace of mind that we offer. That’s our target and the meaning of “Precision” in Precision bolts.

Estimated shipping lead time

Shipping chart

Precision Bolts can ship your orders worldwide. Here’s a map giving an average shipping lead time estimation for Canada / USA. If you would like to know the lead time for somehwere that is outside of this map, feel free to ask one of our account managers for a free quotation.

██ 1 day shipping estimated

██ 2 days shipping estimated

██ 3 days shipping estimated

██ 4 days shipping estimated

██ 5 days shipping estimated

██ Ask for Quote

*These are estimations based upon past deliveries. Please keep in mind that bad weather, statutory holidays and the hour at witch you’ve placed your order can affect the lead time.

Map of estimated shipping lead time